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Chicken Breeds Print - Chicken lover gift

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Chicken Breeds Print - British Chicken Art Print - Chicken Poster

A unique modern art print of the most popular cattle breeds in Britain.
Part of my British Farm Animal Collection which also includes Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Goats and Pigs.

Breeds Included:
Indian Game, Buff Orpington, Light Sussex, Scots Dumpy, Derbyshire Redcap, Modern Game, Transylvanian Naked Neck, Rhode Island Red, Silver Dorking, Ancona, Buff Columbian Brahma, Ixworth, Salmon Faverolle, Norfolk Grey, Old English Game, Sebright Bantam, Golden Campine, Rosecomb Bantam, Gold Laced Wyandottes, Barred Plymouth Rock, Brown (Hybrid), Buff Cochin, Poland, Tufted Araucana.

Print details

Please select a print size:

* Standard - 40x30cm
* Large A2 - 59.4x42cm

Paper - Thick high quality matte paper (350gsm)
All prints are rolled and shipped in a protective postal tube.
Please note - Colours may vary slightly due to different monitor settings.
PRINT ONLY, Frame NOT included. 

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