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Father's Day Card
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Coronavirus Card - 'Happy Father's Day'

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Corona Card - 'Happy Father's Day, Sit on your arse & save some lives!'

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Spread Cards Not Corona!

I wanted to use my skills to contribute in a small way to the current Covid-19 crisis. So, I've created something fun and free for families and friends to share when they are unable to visit one another and raise some money for those who are directly involved (our amazing NHS staff)!
We don't underestimate the seriousness of this epidemic. This is just a fun & simple way to share an important message and spread a little bit of happiness. Why not let some one know you're thinking of them? Everyone loves receiving mail!

We have 2 options:
1. Purchase a physical card which will be shipped to you directly (50% of profits are donated to an NHS related charity)
2. Download a FREE PDF card using the link above and print at home.

We encourage you to send your home printed cards using 2nd class mail (UK) as it has been estimated that the Coronavirus can survive on cardboard/paper for around 24 hours. And remember to wash your hands!

Greeting Card details

Card Size - 7 x 5 inch 
Paper - High quality matte paper (200gsm)

  • Each card is blank inside and comes with diamond flap envelope.

***Free shipping when you order 5 cards or above***

We are making efforts to reduce our use of single use plastics and cards will NOT come with cello bags. 

Any other questions please get in touch via our contact page!