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Spread Cards Not Corona – Stay In, Keep Safe & Look After Each Other

Coronavirus greeting cards corona cards

It’s day 5 of self-isolation at Als Couzens Artwork and I think we’re one of the least effected by lockdown as we already work from home and frequently have days when we never leave the house!

Like most of you, we’re still coming to terms with the current Covid-19 crisis. It kind of feels like we’re living in a dream-like state or in some bizarre american disaster movie. We’ve probably not helped ourselves by already watching ‘Contagion’ and ‘Outbreak’ which gave us a new found appreciation for staying in, washing our hands and social distancing!

Like everyone out there, we have family & friends who are key workers and NHS frontline staff who are working tirelessly for the rest of us and we can’t stress how incredible all of these people are. It’s been really nice to see so many individuals using their initiative, setting up community groups, helping neighbours and volunteering to support vulnerable people which made me realise that we all have a role to play in this epidemic. So, we’ve been wracking our brains to figure out how we can contribute to this crisis…and this is what we came up with …‘Spread Cards not Corona’!

We wanted to use our skills to create something fun and free, which will help people spread a positive message and stay in touch with their loved ones. Important to say, that we fully understand the seriousness of the current crisis and for many this can be a lonely and anxious time, so we think it’s good to let people know you are thinking of them . All cards are available as FREE downloadable PDFs which everyone can print at home. We also offer the opportunity to buy physical cards (for those without a printer) on our online shop with 50% of profits will be donated to NHS charities.

We would like to encourage everyone to send your home printed cards using 2nd class mail (Royal Mail UK) as it has been estimated that the Coronavirus can survive on cardboard/paper for around 24 hours. You can then post your cards if you are out for a walk and pass a post box. Again, we would like to reiterate that the most important thing is for people to follow the UK Government guidelines – stay in and say safe. And remember to wash your hands!

Why ‘Spread Cards not Corona’?

  1. Free download PDF cards to print at home
  2. Spread the message – Stay in, keep safe & look after each other.
  3. Share with your family & friends
  4. Send using 2nd class mail
  5. Physical cards can be purchased online
  6. 50% of profits go to NHS charities

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